Hometown: Ljubljana, Slovenia
No Way: After going for a leisure paddling session, the canoe has flipped and she ended up swimming fully clothed in the middle of Ljubljana. 

Ksenija has been a graphic designer for a number of decades now. She considers herself very lucky as she enjoys her work immensely and she is always excited to start a new working day. Most of the time she is designing books and magazines, here and there also some posters, packaging for different items and sometimes even advertisements. Ksenija is also an illustrator even though illustrations are not the main part of her work. Every time she gets tasked with an illustration, she loves the challenge they present. Most of her design work is computerised, which allows her to change techniques and style more often.

She really doesn't have much free time, as she is always doing something, but if she finds a spare hour, she likes exploring, going for walks with her family and friends, finding interesting new details she has not noticed before. Oh, and she really enjoys cooking too.