Hometown: Ljubljana, Slovenia
No Way: Tomaž is probably the only expert in Information Technology who does not own a smart phone.

Tomaž is just over 50 years old and he lives and works in Ljubljana. His day job as an advisor of information technology has little to do with drawing. He became an illustrator by pure coincidence. He has been drawing since he was a kid, but he never took any special formative classes. He has kind of done it as a hobby, from T-shirts, cassette covers and Christmas cards, until one of the leading Slovenian publishing houses noticed his work and offered him part time work drawing for their school textbooks.

During his free time he listens to music, he even started playing guitar. He loves to read and he is inspired by comic books, and also art in general. Tomaž used to be an avid sportsman, traces of which can be found in his daily cycle to work, and in a couple of swings with a badminton racket every so often.

He is married and has two teenage daughters.