Hometown: Ljubljana, Slovenia
No Way: If you are looking for unicorns and princesses among his magical creatures, you will probably be searching in vain. 

Uroš Hrovat is primarily an artist. He is an illustrator and author of imagination inspired children books. He is one of Slovenia’s most famous co-authors and illustrators of a wide variety of books for all ages. 

Born and bred in Ljubljana, a city where something was always happening, even as a young boy he spent his days scrolling through comic books and looking for inspiration in cartoons. He gained his professional qualification in School for Design and Photography and Faculty of Education. His passion for illustration led to his full-time job as an illustrator to which he has been faithful since the nineties, working with the majority of Publishing Houses of Slovenia. Since 2015 he started adding text to his pictorial inventions, full of battles of monsters and different kinds of super heroes. One of his publications, The Magic Button, has also been translated into English.