Throughout the last decades we have become very selfish and self-centered. We are the center of our own universe and we do not really care much for anything around us. Yes, it is true that we get worried a little bit about global warming, about the destruction of our planet, and we are saying to ourselves - let's do something different, let's commit to something for a greater good. But the truth being told, the majority of us sticks to a grand idea for a day, or a week, or a month and then we tend to slip back into our old habits of being indifferent. Even though we hate being like this. 

On 22nd March we are celebrating World Water Day, even though we should really celebrate water every single day. So, let's really celebrate it all year long and not just one day.

There are great ideas, including a World Water Day 2021 Toolkit, available here: World Water Day 2021

At Pipin's Book we have decided we will commit to the following throughout 2021:

  • we will not let our taps running when we are brushing our teeth or doing the dishes 
  • we will use environmentally friendly washing powder and other cleaning products
  • we will try to buy as much as we can in little, local, plastic free shops
  • we will not be buying prepacked and chemically washed fruit and vegetables
  • and most of all, we will be grateful for clean running water we are so lucky to have in Scotland.

To us, water means life, whether it is to quench our thirst or whether its vividly sound reminds us of the beauty of our planet. 

Flor, 5, who sent us this beautiful picture, said: "Water means all animals are happy, because they live next to a sparkling rainbow river."

What does water mean to you?

Let us know your thoughts, write an essay, a story, draw a picture, take a photo, make a collage, inspire us with your ideas at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Visit Pipin's Bookshelf and check out our book Sally, the Aquatic Salamander to learn more about the negative effects pollution has on our underground water and life in it. 

You can tie in the World Water Day 2021 with the International Day of Forests, which is celebrated on 21st March - find out more here: International Day of Forests 2021