It almost feels it was in another life, but a far and distant dream used to be to be devoted to promoting art in every shape and form. The daily reality might have taken us a slightly different way, but by no means was the love of art abandoned at any time. Art belongs in every house, it should decorate every wall, shelf, and it doesn’t mean that the only art is the one you pay hundreds of thousands of pounds for. 

Remember, many artists that are most highly valued today, had lived in extreme poverty. Many artists whose works you can buy for an affordable price today, might become artists of world fame.

Follow your heart, buy what you believe is beautiful, buy what moves you. As this is the intention of art. The artwork needs to evoke emotions, whether it is happiness, sadness, rage. It has to have an effect on you. If you are lucky enough to be able to buy an extremely appreciated (and expensive) piece of art and you are buying it just because it’s valuable, but ultimately it doesn’t move you, you are probably buying the wrong artwork.

All good artists create with their hearts, just like all good writers pour on paper the words from the depths of their souls. They expose themselves in front of observers, readers. They are naked. As an observant public we need to appreciate their honesty and feel their emotion. That is why we read the books that make us think and reflect, and we want our walls to be embellished by art that speaks to us.

Not long ago I came across an etching that really moved me. It is work of a young Czech-Slovene artist, Lara Rajnišová, who has been an artist since she was born. I am pretty sure she could draw before she could speak and by when she was five years old, her art work far exceeded art made by many adults.

Two of Lara’s etchings, Křik and Ognjenka, have been selected to be exhibited in Nadace Hollar Gallery in Prague and one of them, Křik, will soon be hanging on my wall, making part of my small, but for me so meaningful art collection.

Visit galleries, exhibitions, support unknown and known artists, check their websites, and engage with them. Let’s share good art, make it visible.

And whenever you need a good review, an opinion or a bit of steering in the world of art, I could not recommend anyone more than dr. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., one of the leading Slovene experts in contemporary art.

That is all for now… Galleries are open, La Biennale di Venezia is about to welcome the first visitors. I'm going to embrace the beauty.

Xoxo Mary

PS. All © Copyright permissions belong to the artist and the Nadace Hollar Gallery. Do not use without obtaining permission first.